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I made the observations in the 4 paragraphs just below this on the morning of December 12, 2016 after I read an excellent article by Naseem Miller in the Orlando Sentinel. (Link.) I originally reproduced the article below here in its entirety, but when I let the reporter know about this posting, I got an email right back from the newspaper’s Editorial Administrator stating:

Our managing editor and the Orlando Sentinel have a very strict policy about our copyrighted material – we do not allow it to be reprinted online anywhere, to a website or to social media.   We do allow, however, a 3 or 4 sentence synopsis and the link to our article.

I am complying with this request. See below for my synopsis with a few quotes as clearly permitted under the copyright laws, the fair use provision.

This is a simple but excellent anniversary article on the Orlando Pulse shooting. I clip it for its focus on the love. It is a parallel to Angel Le and his son in Paris after that massacre.

Love is in fact the answer to hate. And by that I mean this is just what really happens, and what really happens is important. This act of love gives us an enormous insight into reality. It is our own reality, too often denied by the internal and external mechanisms of our alienation. At these times we are united both with ourselves and with our higher essence.

The working of love in this higher plane and in ourselves is what resolves the dissonance we feel when we contemplate these injustices and the inhumanity of man that they reveal to us. However, the resolution only comes when we can place ourselves with sincere faith in the reality of the continuing evolution of life and love in that higher plane. If we can do that, then we know that this suffering is not in vain. Then we know that the creative intervention of love in the evolution of life continues — and that improvement and hope are there even if they are not here on Earth.

But how can a reasonable person have this faith in the face of the ever-rising numbers of attacks like this we see in the world around us? It is in the testimony of those who have visited the other world in near-death experiences or who have spoken with the deceased, as through mediums, or who have entered into long-term arrangements with spirits, as with the Scole group in England, that we find our hope and our solace.


Orlando Health nurse: 'I know what love is,

because I was there that night'

That is the headline of a story by Naseem S. Miller in the Orlando Sentinel on December 12, 2016, linked at the top of this page. The story gives some emotionally engaging examples of what the health providers in one emergency room experienced the night of the Pulse nightclub shooting tragedy, the early morning hours of June 12 this year. In particular, she references the experiences of Nurse Libby Brown in the trauma center, in this way:

She heard the in-house trauma surgeon alert the team that the first patient was coming in.

"Then another patient came in, and another patient came in, and another patient came in, and they just kept coming," Brown said. "It's something I had never seen before ... I remember looking across the room to one of my best friends, saying, 'I love you.' "

Libby Brown’s ER received 36 victims of the Pulse shooting in 36 minutes that morning. It serves us well to spend a minute carefully imagining what that must have been like. We have all visited ER’s a few times in our lives. Just imagine. Nine of the 44 who were eventually brought in died.

Naseem Miller closes her story with this quote from Liddy Brown:

Looking back, "all I think about is love," said nurse Brown. "In the face of hate, the only thing that can change that is love, and I know what love is, because I was there that night."

As for where this testimony can be found, see my syllabus for the course Exceptional People – What’s the Norm? Notice the many related links available in the syllabus and in related pages to be found there.

Of course, many people find a very similar assurance and solace in the teachings of their particular religion.