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bobnotes Older Sheldrake-Shermer Dialogs

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Subtended to this page are the Sheldrake-Shermer dialogs on the topic of Materialism in Science as published in Best Schools. I give first the sequence of Statement-Response-Reply that starts with the Sheldrake statement, and then the corresponding sequence that starts with the Shermer statement. The navigation bar in the upper left also gives access to these.

There are three sets of these: on (1) Materialism in Science, (2) Mental Action at a Distance and (3) God & Science. To better understand these, it’s a good idea to read the Best Schools Interviews with each. (See first link above.)

I am putting in a subpage to Sheldrake-Shermer-Sheldrake (2) with notes and links that consolodate the debate materials in that series over the dog Jaytee and his ability to know when his owner (Pam Smart) is coming home. Link.