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A friend who has seen the first Eric Merola documentary on the success of the Stanislaw Burzynski antineoplaston treatment of cancers, especially the most serious brain cancers, knows of a young person with that condition, and has been considering the wisdom of recommending the Burzynski treatment. After watching the documentary she consulted various web sites arguing against Burzynski’s treatment and concluded in their favor. Meeting with her recently I learned of this and asked for some links so that I might explore the counter arguments. (I’ve been a warm supporter of the Burzynski treatment and admirer of the documentaries for some time now.)

She responded this way in a first email:

On the subject of Burzinski, here is the link to the Wikipedia article:


Criticism based on the lack of clinical trials is frustrating considering all the roadblocks that Burzynski has met in trying to get them done. However others have tried the therapy and; "... have not been successful in duplicating (Burzynski's) results."[20]

It seems that after all these decades and all the peers who have stolen his secrets there should be some independent results.

Here is another link:


Appreciative of this, I am using this webpage to begin an examination of the claims in those links. I expect to get more to look at in the future, but for now, let’s begin with the first, the Wikipedia article on the Burzynski Clinic.

First, some relevant internet links:

The clinic itself: http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/

The Eric Mercola site for the first documentary on the Burzynski treatment: link and the transcript of the docu itself, which includes linked sources to claims made in the film: link. That is the first of ten pages.

And here is Eric Mercola’s website that gives access of the other Burzynski documentary as well as to his latest one on Sloan-Kettering and Laetrile: link.

I’ll jump to another page to begin my study of the Wikipedia article and the specific criticism mentioned by the friend that “others have tried the therapy and ‘... have not been successful in duplicating (Burzynski's) results.’"Down (child)

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