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Open Sciences  A new site sponsored by a group of today’s leading paranormal investigators.


Skeptical About Skeptics — Points out some important facts about Wikipedia and others with an unthinking skeptical agenda.


Charles T. Tart resource page on the paranormal (a very solid and rather extensive list from a retired Berkeley professor of psychology)


IADC (Induced After Death Communication) documentary in process page. This includes a good preview video. Al Botkin’s new therapy technique especially for PTSD victims.


Rupert Sheldrake page. Morphic resonance, morphogenic fields, many debates, dialogs, video and other presentations. Scientific papers. Simple tests of the paranormal that masses of people do at home.


IONS (Institute of Noetic Science established by Edgar Mitchell) This is one of the great paranormal resource sites. Dean Radin works here.


Skeptico — Science at the Tipping Point. Hundreds of excellent, thoughtful and long interviews with leading paranormal people and also with their critics. Alex Tskaris.


IISIS — Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit. Much detailed testimony, often video, case studies etc. on Reincarnation.


Calling Earth —a very persuasive documentary on ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication). This recent film limits itself to this one aspect of the paranormal — things like telephone calls from the deceased, images that impossibly appear on modern digital cameras or TV sets, and voices of the deceased caught on audio reorders inside Faraday cages. Provided as free streaming on Vimeo by the director Daniel Drasin.

THERE ARE MANY OTHER GOOD SITES. This is just a few minutes’ copying and pasting from what I have at hand. 20160128.

Some experiences of the other side as narrated by various people under various circumstances. I’m parking here interviews and testimonies that I found interesting in no particular order.

Mary Reed ‘The Journey Of An Unwitting Mystic’ Interview by Iain McNay

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