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bobnotes Who Came Calling? An Earlier Day

It was back in April of 2016 that I became interested in trying out the Electronic Voice Phenomenon for myself. Probably because my reading around had taken me to a few more testimonies by responsible-seeming folks. My first introduction to the phenom had been with the beautifully produced Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What by Renée Sheltema.

By April, anyway, I was ready to give it a try, so I took out my Sony IC, laid it down and just let it run, per normal for a few minutes. As usual this was in my office near the open front door. I spoke to my deceased wife Doris a few words on the order of Are you there, Mama? And after two minutes of silence, stopped it and listened to it.

To my surprise, there was in fact an odd high sound at the beginning of some sharp clicking that might be me doing some stapling in the room, except that I didn’t. (Why would I do that under these circumstances?) This comes about 30 seconds into the recording. You hear a little car-traffic in the background, too.

I should say “to my surprise” yesterday, here in early June now, because back then I somehow or another was unimpressed by that high-pitched little shout in there. My reader may not suspect from these strange writings of mine that I actually come from quite a skeptical background of the ordinary college-educated sort, but I do. And at that time I didn’t bother to look farther into the little shout because, I suppose, my feeling was that if it didn’t come right out and say, “Yes, Papa, it’s me, Doris,” loud and clear at that, why, it was just some… anomaly. We regular guys like that word, “anomaly.” It explains everything for us.

Anymore, though, I’ve come to think of all the anomalies as evidence waiting to be examined and figured out for what it implies. And certainly that was true yesterday. So I put the recording into my WaveEditor from Cyberlink, selected that small section, slowed it down to half speed, and listed carefully. Here’s what that sounds like:

What it sounds like at normal speed. Short selection.

What is sounds like at half speed. Same.

As for the entire 2 minutes from which those snippets are taken: here.

The summary would be that back on the 22nd of April in 2016, I put out my audio recorder, turned it on, and asked my wife (called Mama or Oma by me almost always) ”Are you there?” And 27 seconds later, more or less, she responds: “Yes.”

Now it’s not exactly her voice, but it seems to be a female voice. If you look into the EVP literature some, you will quickly discover that the voices are often those of the deceased themselves, but not produced by vocal cords. I have not looked into just how the audio scientists involved in these studies (and there are two or three whom I have listened to on documentaries) know that. Along with this goes the experience of the various people who are regularly involved in this communication process with the deceased, that the deceased themselves have a learning curve to climb. They usually get better at voice production by their non-vocal-cord means.

This means — think about this — that I should set up a regular talk time with Doris, using the same instrument at the same time, and let her get better at it.

To do that, I’m thinking, is some version, to some people, of crazy.

All right, so I did it just now. And I got no response. Just so you know, here is an audio recording of me hoping for a response, but getting none. It also shows us what a recording should sound like in this room at about 1.40 pm on a Monday in early June with the door open. Near the end you will hear the fluttering of some papers in the breeze. The ceiling fan is on and there is a little breeze outside.

A recording with no odd sounds in it.


This is the book at Amazon. It contains more information and more people interviewed than the DVD, of course. I enjoyed it.