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LBL Close up of white-breasted nuthatch with wings wide spread at feeder. Small chipmunk eating steadily. The nuthatch is trying to scare away the chipmunk.

Welcome to bobnotes.org.

Here I’m putting notes to myself that I may also wish to share with others from time to time. Hover over the bobnotes above left to see what’s here. Also feel free to check out the subdomains whose icons are below – The OLLI icon will take you to my notes on OLLI classes I have facilitated or am preparing. The Which Way is a collection of my broadly philosophical notes and the Doris bird links to my memorial to my late wife Doris.

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Nice bird close up in Chinese paingint. Label Doris. Links out to bob site on wife Doris.

A Whitebreasted Nuthatch trying to scare off a Colorado Least Chipmunk from the feeding station.

Sometimes this worked

and sometimes it didn’t.

Doris’s photo.

OLLI icon. Links out to bob OLLI pages. The Which Way icon. Links out to bob sub site The Which Way. India Trip,     March 2017

Marge turns 90.